Meet Marie.


From day dot, Marie grew up organised (with total thanks and credit to her Mum)!  Organising every aspect of her life from the cupboard under the stairs to the family office. Amongst all of her life's ups and downs, her life's always been pretty "put together".

She's mastered every space you can imagine- relocating from town to town in a Nissan Micra (and yes, they're as small as you think), to a University dorm room. Moving countries with her entire life’s belongings in two suitcases, flatting, living in a small Sydney apartment and then into a home which is constantly changing and evolving with new organising techniques and tricks. 


Known as the perfectionist all her life across multiple industries, she gathered some of her most valuable skills as an Executive Assistant in one of the most demanding and challenging industries. I guess you could say that being organised is totally "her thing" and it's without any doubt, her number one passion. 


As a busy Mum, Marie's well aware of life's day to day challenges and while being organised came naturally to Marie, she knows that this isn't the case for everybody. That's why she started Ree- Organise, to help people maximise their time, accomplish more in your day and bring serenity to your life and your surroundings. 

Let’s declutter, sort, systemise!